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  Somfy Glystro 25 & 50
  Somfy DR-1000

  Somfy Glydea

  Lutron Sivoia D-105
  Lutron Sivoia D-145
  Lutron Sivoia D-175

  AS68-RF Breeze

Somfy Glystro 25 & 50  Direct Drive Drapery Motor


  • Motorized Drapery Rod Traverses drapery up to 110 Lbs
  • 2-Motor Sizes: Regular duty (Glystro 25) and Heavy duty (Glystro 50)
  • 24 Volt DC operation: Low voltage wiring for easy installation
  • 2-Heading Types: Pinch Pleated headings or Ripplefold headings
  • Easy Installation. Compact and lightweight for simple installation on wall or ceiling
  • Smooth & Quiet Operation: Direct drive belt motor enables quiet operation at 50 dba.
  • Manual Override System: During power outages it is still possible to manually adjust drapery
  • Flexible Control Options: Fully compatible with infrared and Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) accessories including home automation interfaces.
  • Robust Capacity: Capable of traversing 110lbs of fabric 39Ft with split draw.
  • Specialty Applications: Rod can be bent or curved up to 90 degrees.
  • Tested for 20 year use.

 Somfy Glystro Brochure 3.6Mb
 Somfy Glystro 25 & 50 Data Sheet and Wiring Information .2Mb
 Somfy Programming Guide 3.1Mb
 Somfy Glystro 50 Dry contact pinout for Glystro 50 .1Mb
 Somfy Glystro Specifications 1.8Mb
 Somfy Glystro Installation Instructions .7Mb
 Kirsch Ripplefold Fabrication Guide .6Mb


Somfy Glystro 25 & 50 Rod:

Somfy Glysto direct drive drapery track
   [Larger Image]

Glystro Specifications:
Somfy Glystro specifications
   [Larger Image]

The Glystro 25 & 50 motors have been dis-continued (Sept 2010) and are being replaced by the new Glydea 35 & Glydea 60 DCT and RTS motors [More Info]

We no longer have any Glystro parts. We sell a Glydea motor plate to adapt the new Glydea motor to the Glystro drive pully. Click < Here > for more information.


Somfy DR-1000  Cord Drive Drapery Motor


  • Traverses drapery up to 75 Lbs
  • Infrared or RF operation
  • Easily installs on wall

SOMFY's easy to install quiet rugged drapery motors simply plug right into a standard electrical outlet. They are typically mounted to the wall and are totally concealed behind the drapery. Since the motor is mounted to the wall and not the drapery track, it lends itself to new and retrofit applications. So it is just as easy to motorize your existing draperies as it is a new one. Simply thread the cord through the unique drive pulley system and your draperies will smoothly traverse on demand. 5 year Manufacturers Warranty.

Best if used with Kirsch-Super Fine or Graber Heavy Duty traverse rods.

 Download Instructions 62kb


Lutron Sivoia D105 D145 D175   Direct Drive Drapery Motor


  •  3-Different Control Methods.
    IR Infra-Red
    QS Wired
    QS Wireless
  • QED Drive Technology
    Quiet Electronic Drive is whisper quiet on all models. You really cannot hear them!
  • Pinch Pleat or Ripplefold carriers
  • Single Tracks up to 18 Ft or 30 Ft with splice
  • Track Bends and curves for custom applications
  • Plug-in wall transformer for simple installation

Lutron Sivoia Motor Drive Capacities:

D105 - Traverse drapery up to 105lbs
D145 - Traverse drapery up to 145lbs
D175 - Traverse drapery up to 175lbs

To learn more about Lutron Sivoia QED, QS and QS Wireless systems, System Control and Capacities, please download this informative brochure which beautifully outlines all system options.

  Download Lutron Sivioia Motorized Drapery Track Brochure 3.9Mb

* Please call or email us for pricing. Lutron does not allow any of their motorized drapery rods / tracks to be sold online.  Delivery runs around 2-3 weeks from time of order.  We ship to USA and Canada only.

Lutron Sivoia QED D105:

   [Larger Image]



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